Strawberry Lift

Imagine the results of a lower facelift…

without the surgery!

Strawberry Lift has been designed to combat cheek definition, lift and tighten the neck and facial jowls. The first non-invasive treatment that gives instant results.

The pain-free treatment helps reduce fat cells and works to form new collagen; lifting and tightening the skin with incredible long-lasting results.

Instant, Guaranteed Results


Chin, Neck and Facial Jowls

Double Chin Reduction, Neck & Jowl Lift

Lasts Approximately 18 months

From £300

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  • How many treatments will I need?

    You will see instant results in only 1 treatment. Most clients have between 1 – 4 treatments. This is totally dependant on age, weight, and condition of your skin. Your technician will advise you at the consultation. An average is 2 treatments.
  • In what circumstances is treatment not allowed?

    • All forms of cancer
    • Pacemaker
    • Pregnant or lactating mothers
    • Patients with keloid scarring
    • Epilepsy

    We advise you to only visit our medical centers where you will be assessed on an individual basis should you have any of the following conditions:

    • Previous history of cancer
    • Diabetes Type 1
    • Bell’s Palsy
    • Underactive thyroid
    • Photosensitivity
    • Liver or kidney conditions
    • Heart conditions

  • When will I see results?

    In most cases, you will see INSTANT results after one treatment. In some cases, there may be slight swelling which is not noticeable to anyone else. In both cases, you will have fantastic results within 2 weeks. The before photograph of the second treatment is always better than the last treatment photograph.
  • How long will the results last?

    Results last between 18 months and 2 years. This obviously depends on your age and your natural aging process. Weight gain can also change your face shape.
  • Does the treatment hurt?

    No, there is zero pain and zero discomfort. You feel a comfortable warm feeling in the treatment area which is known to make some clients fall asleep.
  • How can I monitor my results?

    Simply request to see your photographs.


“Strawberry Lift for the chin/neck is destined to be a groundbreaking game-changer for physicians and patients alike.

The before and after photos are simply astonishing – but all the more so when you compare Strawberry to alternative methods. In less than 30 minutes, this inexpensive office treatment requires no preparation or aftercare and is 100% non-invasive, 100% non-painful, and extremely effective.

No other treatment – not surgical liposuction, not Kybella, not CoolSculpt – can make such claims. Great results and a seamless journey – that’s the Strawberry way! “

Cosmetic Surgeon of Cherry Hil
Dr Lyle M. Back, MD. FACSCosmetic Surgeon of Cherry Hill

Available in our Westfield and City Salons

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